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Slabs And Tiles:
The tiles are usually packaged in wooden pallets and then shipped in containers. The slabs are also packaged in special metallic pallets.

Standard tiles are processed in following sizes :
"60 X 60 cm.","50X50 cm.","40X40 cm.","30x30 cm.","30X60 cm."

Other sizes such as "12X12 inches" are also cut in our factories.

Standard thickness for tiles are often "18 mm" but other thickness "15 mm" and "10 mm" are possible to produce. Thickness of slabs are often cut in or millimeters either polished or unpolished .

For more information about the accurate requested size or thickness please contact sales department of KimiaSang Zagros Co.

Cream Marble :

   Dehbid Cream Marble
   Abadeh Cream Marble

Colored Marble :
   Abadeh Pink Marble
   Bafq Coral Marble
   Bafq Light Pink Marble
   Bafq Yellow Marble
   Bafq Yellow Pink Marble
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