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Hamed Sang
HamedSang has a marble processing plant, which started in 1998. The factory is located in Sirjan Special Free Zone 180 kilometers form Kerman and 320 Kilometers from Bandar Abbas and is duty free from any import exports of the goods.Therefore it has possibility to import blocks, process and again export it back without any custom formalities.
1-Slab line:
Consists of 2 gang saws from the Italian and one full slab line from Simec & Tecnomac companies.
2-Tiles line:
Consists of 4 block-cutters PEDRINI & BRA companies and one full tile line from SIMEC & ZONATO companies.
Meanwhile the guesthouse of the factory in Sirjan welcomes the customers and serves them. Interested foreign customers should contact KimiaSang Zagros Co.
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