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Dehbid Quarries Complex
The Complex of Dehbid Quarries has one of the best deposits of cream marble in the world and it is well known in different countries. It is located in Fars province near a small town named Dehbid.We refer to the stone as Cream Marble of Dehbid it is Internationally known as Royal Botticino. In Chinese language it is called Sha- anna.
Extraction in these quarries is very costly due to the necessity of removing lots of overburden from the top of the stones. So our quarry men actually go hunting the pearl like divers.

There are several fronts in these quarries. All of them cream marble, similar to each other with little differences. These fronts are located in 3 zones as per following:

First Zone (CHA):

There are four fronts in this zone. They have mostly similar marbles but in different depths and layers very little differences can be observed. The fronts are called CHA1 to CHA4.

The marble of this quarry is totally with a cream color and some white lines or veins in the surface designation, although there are some other color designs that increase the beauty of this stone considerably.

Second Zone (CHB):

There are two fronts in this zone. The stone in this quarry has a cream color background like the stone of CHA quarry zone, but they have some pencil-color veins we call this tiles Moonlight Some other types have beautiful lines of pink color on cream color background which call the tiles Sunlight.

Third Zone (ANG):
There are two frontss in this zone. The stones of this quarry have also a cream color background on surface similar to the stones of both earlier mentioned quarries.
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