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Bafgh Quarries Complex
The deposit of this Complex of Quarries consists of the most beautiful different kinds of colored marbles that is rarely found in nature.Production possibility was low in the past, but nowadays supply of more quantities is possible for the customers due to the new investments made in the quarries. These quarries are located in Yazd province some 13 kilometers away from Bafq city. The deposit has 3 zones and the stones of this quarry are mostly big and good block shapes. The colors of marbles are yellow, light pink, coral and mixture of yellow and pink similar to apricot. This quarry has been described as a colorful basket of fruits.

First Zone (BDN):

In this zone marble occurs in yellow color with several design variations mostly similar to marble of Spain . But the other color variation of this marble is a kind of yellow color quite exceptional and unique.

Second Zone (BDS):
In this zone the marble color yellow but mixed with light pink. The mixture of these two colors has caused lots of beauty and live atmosphere in this stone. Although people sometimes try to create beauty and fresh patterns by putting different red and yellow stones together, but in this quarry it is already done by nature. The Italian customers called this marble apricot.

Third Zone (BFC):

There are two fronts in this zone. In one of them there is a unique color of or Salmon marble along with beautiful veins, lines and also natural clear fascinated designs. Following some of our customers, we call this marble as Spring Rose however also known as Coral Marble In another fronts in this quarry, there is a kind of marble with very light pink color having some darker pink lines on the surface. The color of this marble is so light and beautiful that one can cover the complete floor of his sitting room or business hall with this 
 marble. We have given the name of Light Wavy Pink to this marble.
For purchasing the blocks of Bafq quarries you can contact sales department of KimiaSang Zagros Co. In case you wish to visit the quarries, please make pre-arrangements with the same company.
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