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Azin Sang Zagros
Azin Sang Zagros Company was established in 1383 ( 2004 ) with the aim of production and supply of decorative stone products. The factory was set to production in 1385 ( 2006 ). The plant was constructed in a land of 20000 square meters in 2 covered saloon with a complete package of special machinery and equipments for manufacturing decorative stone products. Machinery and equipments are organized in 6 workshops such as tile processing line , mechanized workshop for boarders production , manufacturing workshop for medallion products like bond and boards , profile production workshop , hand-working medallion , bore-nose shaping and cutting workshop. Azin-Sang Zagros Company is considered as one of the excellent decorative stone manufacturing plants due to its complete package of machinery and equipments.
Products of Azin Sang Zagros Company are categorized to the 6 below mentioned category due to difference in production method :

Are applied to all flat products such as tiles of standard dimensions up to 70 cm width using any kind of soft stones with any processing method including full polishing , hand , royal and leather polishing.

Are also included in production activities of Azin Sang Zagros Company. Ingots are produced in various sizes from different materials specially Dehbid cream marble and travertine materials.

3-Curved Surface:
Are among the most indicative products of the company. Curved surfaces are produced by using the world’s modern related technology which is applied in different functions specially in making curved columns.

4-Standard Boarders:
One of the other special products of this company is standard boarders at 10 cm width and 1 cm thickness. At present Dehbid light cream marble is used for production of this item. In case of special order , production with other stones is also possible.

5-Medalion Products:
We have more experiences and background in production of medallion items. Such items are supplied in different designs and dimensions with top qualities to our customers.
Profile products are the most important and consumable items in decorative stone products. Profile is a kind of ingot , the section shape of which is changed from square condition to a new shape based on customer’s idea.Azin Sang Zagros Company is capable to produce these items in different shapes & dimensions enjoying the most suitable related technology.

7-Fire Place:
It is one of the most famous products among the decorative stone items. Fire places are supplied in 3 groups of classic , modern and curved shapes. The fire places produced byAzin Sang Zagros Company , specially manufactured from Dehbid cream marble are well-known in the local market.

Is one of the other products of Azin Sang Zagros Company. Column can be produced in the shape of curved cover or full column along with all related parts.

This factory is totally capable to supply all the relevant decorative stone products in the same family products , thanks to the complete package of modern and high technology machinery and equipments.
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