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Abadeh Quarries Complex

This complex of quarries is located in Yazd province, between the cities of Abarkooh and Abadeh . The local people call the mine as Qasemzoghali . In this quarry there are two kinds of marble with cream and pink colors each of them appear in a separate zone.The pink marble of this quarry has a long time export record and is famous world wide with the trade name of Tea Rose or Rosa Tea Some other companies have used this name on new extracted marbles of other quarries later on.

The cream marble of this quarry, keeping beauty tonality and compactness can compete with other marbles especially in respect of economy. This quarry’s blocks are without cracks and is very suitable to be cut with gang-saw or block-cutter. That is why it is well paid attention in different international markets.
For purchasing the blocks of this quarry or processed tiles you may contact sales department of KimiaSang Zagros Co. In case of interest to visit the quarry please make pre-arrangements with the same company.
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